A felony is a crime, which may or may not involve violence. Felonies are serious, and can be punishable by imprisonment for 1 year to life, and even death.


“It’s really all about the First 33”

Seeking legal counsel should be one of your highest priorities when arrested or accused of a crime. If you have been accused of any felony, call Carin A. Levine at (305) 496-9588.

Day 1:  If you find yourself arrested for a felony, you will be brought before a judge (usually on TV) within 24 hours.  This is a bond hearing, and the judge will decide if the police had probable cause to arrest you and set a bond (unless you have been arrested for a non-bondable crime or are not eligible for bond for another reason).  You need to have an attorney that will argue against the probable cause determination and fight to get you the lowest bond.

Day 2-20:   The first 20 days are the most important time to have a lawyer working to represent you, protect your rights, and make sure that your side of the story is heard. This is the time when a decision will be made regarding what, if any, charges will be filed against you. During this time it is very important to speak to witnesses and preserve any evidence that may prove your innocence.

Day 21 – 33:  You will be brought back to court on day 21 for an arraignment.  If a filing decision has not been made by the State of Florida you may be reset (come back again) on the 30 and 33 day.  You will want an attorney that will fight to get you out of custody during this time.

Day 34:  If no charges have been filed, and there is no good cause, you need an attorney that will file a motion for your immediate release without conditions.

If you have been accused of a felony charge, it is essential that you get help with your case immediately.  Carin A. Levine will contest the impending felony charge and fight on your behalf.

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