Have you been arrested for a drug charge?  You are not alone; according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reports there were about 1,841,200 drug arrests in the United States alone in 2007.  Many people believe that drug use and abuse leads to crimes of violence.  It is because of this belief that drug crimes are harshly prosecuted throughout Florida.

Have you been accused of any of the following drug crimes?

Possession, Sale, Delivery, Distribution, Transport, Trafficking, Grow House, Manufacture, Cultivate, Paraphernalia, Tampering with Evidence

Do you know that you could be facing:

Probation, Jail, Prison, Minimum Mandatory Sentences, and even Deportation

A conviction for a drug offense 
(including possession of marijuana) can also result in an automatic two (2) year suspension of your driver’s license regardless of whether the crime was committed in a vehicle.

In any drug case, there are defenses that can be asserted through motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence or motions to dismiss the charges for insufficient evidence or constitutional rights violations.

Did the police follow the proper procedures in your case? Were you in possession of drugs or did the drugs belong to someone else?  Did the police illegally stop your vehicle, order you out of the vehicle, conduct a pat down or search you or your vehicle?  Did the police violate your rights in the execution of a search warrant or arrest warrant?  Did the police have the probable cause and sufficient evidence to charge you or did they just jump to conclusions and pin a case on you?  Were you entrapped by the police through the use of an undercover officer or a confidential informant?  Did the police read your Miranda rights to you before conducting an interrogation?  Do you have a valid prescription?

If you have been accused of a drug charge, it is essential that you get help with your case immediately.  Carin A. Levine will contest the impending drug charge and fight on your behalf.

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